About Alliance Fashion:

alliance - the joining or uniting to create a stronger union

Many times the strongest and most unique designs are produced using dissimilar ideas, backgrounds, philosophies, and materials. Using rough and smooth or delicate fabrics together creates a strong harmony. These different mediums make up for each other's weaknesses creating a stronger end-product.

The Alliance logo is comprised of triangles, which on their own are some of the strongest structural shapes. Joined together they create something new and expand their strength in multiple directions, ensuring that Alliance won't just break down and fall apart. This embodies the Alliance philosophy:

Together We Are Stronger!

Triangles also represent the 3 pillars that supports these principles, as each corner stands for a different aspect of the brand: design, quality, and innovation. Each triangle is a complete sector, but together they symbolize unity. The orientation of the triangles point in new directions, and their off centered alignment portrays new ways of envisioning design by taking values from the past and redefining them for the future.